Wish You Could've Seen This

Short documentary series

A Moment at The Top of the World is a short film about the Himalayas and its cheese factory.

It’s in Nepal that stand the highest mountains in the world. The Nepalis living in high-altitude brave the forces of nature everyday to make a living out of tourism.

Without any roads leading up to the top, food, supplies, tools and medicine must be carried up on the back of porters. The rough climate makes agriculture almost impossible so they rely on livestock for dairies and fabric.

In such conditions, even something as simple and taken for granted as making cheese can be a great accomplishment.

Mongolia has an extreme continental climate with endless cold winters and short summers.

Tumur lives a nomadic life in the northwest region of Mongolia near the Russian border.

In this part of the world, you need an almost innate knowledge of survival that is essential to your family and animals’ subsistence. The skills needed to survive in such conditions have been lost in modern sedentary society.

The impending winter seemed to us like a very serious threat to life whereas for Tumur, winter was merely a passing season and autumn, a time of preparation.

Spirituality in India is truly inspiring. The numerous festivals throughout the year are as much a time of worship as they are a time of gathering, celebration and excitement. Witnessing a landscape of thousands of people joining together in a holy city to celebrate in happiness a common belief, is certainly one of the most vibrant and sacred experience one can have.

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