Original music written for the game Sundered by Thunder Lotus Games.

Sundered is a horrifying fight for survival and sanity, a hand­-drawn epic from the creators of Jotun. The soundtrack highlights all the great moments in Sundered, from the atmospheric and somber exploration moments to the insane epic boss battles. It's a daunting musical underscore that accompanies Eshe as she fights for her own sanity and faces the eldritch horrors of the ever-changing caverns of the world of Sundered.

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All music composed, mixed & produced by Maxime Lacoste-Lebuis (Max LL)

Solo Cello performed by Sheila Hannigan

Mastering by Harris Newman

Album Artwork by Jo-Annie Gauthier
Graphic Design by Maude Plante-Husaruk

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released July 28, 2017

SoundtrackMax LL