I compose & produce music for Film.

I also release my albums, crafted from sounds & ideas collected around the world,
under the name Max LL.

My music is crafted from sounds and ideas collected around the world while traveling in India, Mongolia, Bangladesh, Burma, Nepal and many other countries.

I’ve moved from playing in a metal band and organizing charity concerts as a teenager, to studying the business side of the music industry at university. After earning my business degree, I decided to travel the world and to produce my first album, End of Certainty.

What I’m up to now?

For one, I travel the world, creating music, collecting sounds, recording, busking and drawing inspiration from fascinating cultures and people.

I also compose music for Film & TV. I’m passionate about partnering with creators with the goal of elevating audio-visual projects with unique music of the highest quality.

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Enjoy the music!

- Max

Le monde dans lequel nous vivons nous confronte chaque jour à des réalités qui dépassent l’entendement et qui me laissent sans mot. La vie avec toutes ses splendeurs, ses miracles et ses misères est le berceau de mon inspiration. La musique est mon refuge et mon phare dans la tempête. Elle raconte l’indicible, m’accompagne et me nourrit depuis longtemps.

Voyageur invétéré, je parcours le monde à la recherche de sons inusités qui nous ouvrent à des univers d’une richesse insoupçonnée. Les gens, les peuples et les cultures du monde entier me touchent et m’inspirent. Mon premier album - End of Certainty - est né lors d’un long périple en Asie.

Je compose également des trames sonores de films qui tentent de traduire la beauté, la complexité et parfois le tragique de la vie. J’ai notamment signé la musique originale du documentaire, co-produit par Radio-Canada, et diffusé au FFM - Le Nouveau Grand Jeu - réalisé par Alexandre Trudeau et Jonathan Pedneault.

Mais trêve de mots, ma musique, plus éloquente, parle d’elle-même: http://music.maxll.ca

Bonne écoute !

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I’ve never worked with a composer as talented as Maxime Lacoste-Lebuis.
Virtuoso, multi-instrumentalist and also master of the new audio-technological alchemy, he easily understands musical suggestions from which he creates inspiring and visionary compositions.

He makes the art of score creation seem like a joyful and easy confection.

Expect great things of this gifted new professional.

Alexandre Trudeau - Filmmaker/Director of THE NEW GREAT GAME


End of Certainty is a shockingly accomplished piece of work in an orchestral/conceptual singer-songwriter style that draws from high-brow indie rock as well as, in moderation, world and progressive styles.

Jamie O'Meara - Rover Arts


Maxime Lacoste-Lebuis is a musician who conveys musical maturity far beyond his years and demonstrates unparalleled artistic sensibility through his compositions.

He possesses the precious musical ability to beautifully capture the essence of a film. His incredible music becomes not only a vital addition to the storytelling process but also  a veritable pillar of the work as a whole.

Both a promising composer and an accomplished musician, Maxime is a true artist.

Charles A. Tisseyre - Filmmaker/Director of CLOVERLEAF


Wisely, writer/director Charles Alexandre Tisseyre trusted that the story could be told most effectively through the sounds of magnificent music by Maxime Lacoste-Lebuis.

Richard Propes - The Independant Critic


It’s not just the way the story which makes this a good short though – the soundtrack is really what makes it. The music is in many ways the storyteller here, prompting us in how we should feel. Never over the top, the classical notes here accompany the visuals perfectly.

John - Strangers in a Cinema



Max LL


You can download my albums for the price of your choosing here. I’ll be happy to give my music to you for free and if you feel like contributing by other means than money, Facebook / Twitter follows and newsletters sign-ups are always greatly appreciated.

Film & TV

If you need music for a project, feel free to browse my music library. For music licensing or custom music commissions, please direct inquiries to max@maxLL.ca

Gatherings – Short Film

Festival du Nouveau Cinéma – Bande Annonce

The New Great Game – Documentary

A Moment at the Top of the World – Documentary

The Preparation – Documentary

Frontière – Animation

Cloverleaf – Short Film

Le Chemin – Animation

N.Archambault – Demo Reel

Simon – Contemporary Dance Short Film