My music is available for download, stream or purchase on the following services

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Orchestral Works – 2017

Collecting Sounds Around the World – 2014

End of Certainty – 2011


To Live – 2017

Sundered – 2017

Jotun – 2015

Nomads – 2016

Tahira – 2016

The New Great Game – 2012


If you wish to use my music in your project, you will be needing a synchronization license. Most of my music can be quickly and easily licensed for web, film, tv or games.


Pricing will vary depending on the project. Sync fees for personal (non-revenue producing) projects will inevitably be more affordable than corporate or advertising licenses. I will do my best to provide you with a quote that fits your music budget.


If you’re interested in getting a sync license for one of my compositions, please give me as much detail as possible about your project: media type, territory, project description and music budget. Thanks!